Watch out for 26 escalating symptoms of burnout!

Just like running away from a bear can make your heart rate go from tik………tik………tik to tiktiktiktiktik, unaddressed stress makes the symptoms more frequent and eventually chronic.

Those symptoms are:

1. Numbing behaviours: Spending excessive time scrolling through social media and binge-watching TV to unwind.

2. Decreased interest in hobbies and social activities that were once enjoyable.

3. Feelings of anxiety, frequent mood swings, and a general sense of apathy.

4. Persistent exhaustion, even with sufficient rest, and difficulty performing simple physical tasks like house cleaning.

5. Disturbed sleep patterns, such as staying up late despite feeling tired, waking up frequently during the night, or experiencing a surge of energy just before bedtime.

6. Dependence on caffeine to maintain functionality throughout the day.

7. Physical indicators like dizziness upon quickly standing up, unexplained weight gain, irregular menstrual cycles, skin issues (e.g., pimples), hair loss, and strong cravings for sweets.

8. Emotional symptoms such as constant sadness, a sense of detachment from oneself or surroundings, loneliness, feeling helpless, persistent guilt, intense anger, feeling drained most of the time, and a pervasive sense of failure.

9. Cognitive difficulties include decision fatigue, poor concentration, forgetfulness, frequent headaches, and a consistent pattern of running late.

10. Behavioural signs like procrastination, consistently delaying work tasks, feeling the need for additional days off from work, and daydreaming about quitting or escaping from responsibilities.

11. More severe indicators like self-harm ideation and sexual dysfunction.

12. Experiencing mental and physical fatigue, lowered immunity, as well as mental fuzziness or a lack of clarity.

13. Low mood, persistent lethargy, difficulty maintaining focus, and inability to relax or do nothing.

14. Neglecting established routines and a reduced ability to derive enjoyment from previously pleasurable activities.

15. Heightened irritability, restlessness, an inability to concentrate or find motivation, and a desire to step back and engage in non-work-related activities.

16. Feelings of emptiness, disconnection from surroundings, heightened sensitivity to light and sound, social withdrawal, and increased fatigue from even minor tasks.

17. Longing for a different lifestyle (e.g., escaping away to a farm, or another country)

18. Contemplating taking a break from social media platforms.

19. Increased irritability, moodiness, persistent fatigue despite adequate sleep, changes in appetite (overeating or undereating), and developing cravings for specific food types.

20. Tightness in the chest, back and neck pains, and heart palpitations. As well as signs of depression, overwhelming thoughts, and a sense of restlessness and tiredness at the same time.

21. Loss of interest in activities, elevated stress levels, difficulty making decisions, and a sense of numbness or emotional detachment.

22. Struggling with memory retention, feeling consistently drained, and a general lack of enthusiasm for life.

23. Experiencing extended periods of sleep to recover from an extended period of intense work and stress.

24. Creative stagnation, resentment towards work that was once a passion, unexplained tiredness, and irritability. Sensitivity to criticism and being easily triggered.

25. Pessimism, irritability towards routine requests, a sense of hopelessness regarding projects and personal abilities, and an overwhelming dread about the state of one’s industry, country, and world.

26. Complete apathy towards completing tasks, a pervasive feeling of being overwhelmed, procrastination, self-doubt, and feeling like a failure.

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