Heal & Never Burnout Again

Discover ENERGYHACKING for a clean and sustained life

Lead yourself and your family into the good new future

Get to know yourself on a new, deeper level as you heal

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“My Name Is Anna and I Don’t Believe in Coincidences”

I went through burnout, 3 career changes in 10 years, layoffs, company bankruptcy and a series of family crises. And I regret none of them. 

Thanks to burnout, I found the courage to become an entrepreneur. And heal important relationships in my life. And put my skills at the service of where my heart truly is. 

I’ve learned that happiness is a result of the right thought and right action. So I’m inviting you to take back control of your well-being and have fun doing it!

My ‘Mission Possible’

Prepare A Generation Of Leaders For A New Good Future

We are uniquely positioned at the crossroads of history. These times of great change require a radically different leadership skill set. Join the club and learn:

How to ENERGYHACK for sustained and joyful living

Optimize sleep, fitness and nutrition

Self-regulate to heal the nervous system

Reclaim focus, productivity and learn to unplug

Negotiate better pay, unlock a healthy financial mindset

Upgrade your stress response model

Deepen relationships & communication

Set boundaries and prioritize what you value most

Navigate conflict with ease & kindness

Find purpose and align your lifestyle with it

Build calm confidence through self-actualization

Heal & lead your family’s healing for a secure, good future

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"Don't Be A Salad. Be The Best God Damn Broccoli You Can Ever Be." — PewDiePie

DISCLAIMER: As a researcher and a coach I look for the best and most reliable advice to help you. However the information I share is not medical advice and is for educational purposes only. As in all health situations, make sure to also consult with a qualified medical professional.