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Access stable energy levels, all day, every day

Reprogram your mind, body and schedule

Hi I’m Anna, Your Coach

I’m a Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach, biohacker and the creator of Burnout Broccoli.

I’ve studied human behaviour for 10+ years, including brain-sensing device research.

To me, success is about finding out what you are capable of and the financial freedom to do what you love all day long without feeling tired all the time.

And I can’t wait to show you how Broccoli can help you enjoy all of the above!

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This is like a gym for your mind, body and productivity:

Build a personalized productivity system

Optimize sleep, energy and nutrition

Non-therapy emotional recovery

Learn to focus without drugs

Grow your capacity and leadership mindset

Let go of anxiety and procrastination

Become immune to burnout

Set boundaries and navigate conflict

Resolve an existential crisis + more

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DISCLAIMER: Although everything I share is backed by science, it's not medical advice so please make sure to consult a medical professional.