Live a dope aka dopamine-rich life!

Stop worrying that it will all fall apart if you just stop for a moment

Go from a to-do list slave to an architect of your day, body and mind

Unlock all-day energy to celebrate work wins, exercise and revel in sweet do-nothing time with your loved ones (guilt-free)

Hello my name is Anna

I’m a neurolinguistic programming coach and biohacker.

I was once a workaholic go-getter:
🌟 Research lead for a brain-sensing meditation device company
🌟 Set up 13 teams at a bank to run my research process
🌟 Saved a real estate mogul millions with one study

…Until I lost $25,000 to burnout. That’s when I got fed up with low energy life and bandaid solutions. So I found a way to radically fix burnout at the root and I’ve been running a burnout-free coaching business of my dreams since!

I believe sustainable hustle is the future of entrepreneurship, where we all make it out with the health to enjoy the results!

Will you join me in building this future?

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DISCLAIMER: Although everything I share is backed by science, it's not medical advice so please make sure to consult a medical professional.