Live a dope (dopamine-rich) life!

Stop feeling drained all the time & get all-day energy (w/o drugs, therapy or coffee)

Increase your margins by automating yourself the fun way (w/o hiring more people)

Stop waiting to hit a magic number, unlock relaxation and joy right now!

Hello my name is Anna

I’m a neurolinguistic programming coach with a background in research.

I was a workaholic who set up a research process for 13 teams at Canada’s largest bank in a matter of weeks.

When I burnt out and lost $25,000 I found out it can take 11 years to come back to normal. I didn’t have that long so I found a new way to radically fix burnout at the root with DOPAMINE!

I believe that the hustle should bring joy right now, not when you ‘make it’. So my clients use DOPAMINE to create a happy hustle without the burnout.

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DISCLAIMER: Although everything I share is backed by science, it's not medical advice so please make sure to consult a medical professional.