Online entrepreneurs would you like to unlock endless motivation to run your business ∞ without drugs, therapy or coffee?

Are you about to take a vacation because you’ve hit the wall?

Stop right there!

Because I’ve already tried that and it hasn’t worked.

Here are the other things I’ve tried

And so have 100+ high performers I’ve spoken to over the years

  • Reading about the habits of successful people
  • Working out more
  • Productivity apps
  • Eating more healthy
  • Massage, acupuncture, melatonin, microdosing, shamans….

The wall can give you a concussion

And that’s a long and painful place to come back from

Up to 11 years long according to the scientists

Research says that once you burnout you become more sensitive to future stress

So if you’ve been feeling stuck and fatigued for months

Finding it hard to motivate yourself to do even the small things

The above are all signs of burnout

And most people think they can break free by either:

Resting or pushing harder.

😱 😱 😱

Here’s why that doesn’t work

Working harder or just taking a vacation won’t fix the underlying problem:

You’re mismanaging your molecule of motivation and ‘more’

Your low DOPAMINE aka the molecule of motivation makes you

Watch youtube when you should be sending emails to prospects

It’s getting you to overwork when you get a random gusts of inspiration

And making you stay up late trying to make up for the wasted time

Trapping you in an endless loop of stress and overwork

The only lasting solution

Through systematic research and 5 years of my own biohacking experience, I’ve identified the four keys of an entrepreneurs life that need to be reprogrammed for stable dopamine production and all-day energy without resorting to coffee, stimulating drugs or psychotherapy.

By the way let me introduce myself

My name is Anna and I’m a Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach, aka someone who deals with the subconscious.

I’ve studied human behaviour for 10+ years. And got into biohacking by way of doing brain-sensing device research. From there, I started levelling up all areas of my life so that I never ever have to experience burnout again!

This is how Burnout Broccoli was born!

Dopamine management will help you get an edge in an increasingly competitive market

If you sell products or services online then you’ve probably noticed that the space is becoming more and more competitive. And new technology is only accelerating this trend. The ones who will win are the people who are able to learn quickly and roll with the punches without burning themselves out.

So you need to take control of your dopamine if you want:

  • Consistent energy levels throughout the day
  • Steady motivation instead of either a 0 or a 10
  • Quitting putting off tasks that matter
  • Easily unplugging from work
  • Resting without feeling guilty or bored
  • Increased learning capacity
  • Using your tech instead of it using you
  • Fearless conversations that need to be had
  • Bulldog-like commitment to goals you sink your teeth into
  • Silencing the voice of worthlessness and doubt
  • Dropping the stress fat and unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • Staying cool through economic and personal distress
  • Lifelong skills that will prevent future breakdowns
  • Skills you can teach your family and team members

You need to start training for it right now!

What’s inside👇🏼

Broccoli Coaching
Chat & voice note support
Accountability check-ins
Personalized blueprint
Group workshops
1:1 coaching
Scientific stress tracking
Micro training modules
Bonus: business funnel audit*
A community of founders to make friends

Coaching options also include corporate workshops. Contact for details.

* Bonus #1: Increase your conversions

A funnel audit done by a researcher who helped a real estate mogul save hundreds of thousands with a product-market fit and…

Found conversion increase opportunities in a multi-million dollar product from a ‘big four’ Canadian bank.

Valued at $1,700

* Bonus #2: Persuade people with ease

Take your sales, presentations, marketing, management and even relationships game to the next level with this persuasion tool that people have used for thousands of years to influence others. Revealed upon sign-up.

* Money-back guarantee

When you sign up for Broccoli Coaching you get a 30-day money-back guarantee as long as you follow the recommended advice and complete your tasks. I stand by the quality of my service which is why I feel confident providing you with such a great risk-free offer.

This is NOT therapy

Neuro-Linguistic Programming works faster than therapy. Depending on the scope of the concern you can experience a resolution within minutes, like one of my clients did when we released her PTSD symptoms in as little as 3 minutes.

Keep in mind though that burnout is like a cabbage, there are many layers to it. This is why this program gives you a whole 180 days to peel back all the layers.

NLP doesn’t dig into your trauma and there’s no need for long conversations about your parents. Yet somehow according to my clients, it’s able to go deeper than therapy did.

When you do therapy, you can keep showing up for years and need to guide your therapist with the issues you want resolved. In contrast, Broccoli coaching provides you with a clear roadmap and regular check-ins to keep you accountable.

Therapists don’t provide in-between session support, nor do they help with habit formation. This is where Broccoli Coaching is different. You only need 5 minutes a day to make progress and you get as much support as you need.

We’re using the latest biohacking protocols and learning the principles behind them so you can own the science of wellbeing. We select what works for you from a menu of mindfulness, brain training, cold exposure, fasting, nervous system reset, and breathwork protocols.

NLP works for everything from weight loss to relationship issues and ADHD.

This is one of a kind coaching program

Unlike other programs Broccoli Coaching combines biology and mindset reprogramming because it’s very difficult to achieve powerful change by just working on one of these alone

What the founders are saying👇🏼

Passionate leader, investor and a loyal son learns to stop letting others drain his energy
Founder of a Startup Incubator goes from a self-improvement skeptic to a believer
Engineering Manager loses the chaos but keeps the fun in his life

A couple of voice notes lead to a lifestyle overhaul

I was really struggling with sleep issues and mostly problems with trying to fall asleep at the right time. Anna’s 14×14 program actually turned out to be a perfect fit for me. 

I had this toxic habit of not going to bed until I felt I had done something productive in the day. Anna helped me uncover underlying psychological problems that were preventing me from getting to my healthy lifestyle. 

I think Anna has this unique ability to scour through your lifestyle to pinpoint hidden mental hurdles and help you overcome them using special techniques. For me she made me see the idea of forgiveness. 

The fact that I kept being hard on myself, she helped me realize that in the long run the mental capabilities are going to be limited by our physiological well being and forgiving oneself now and trying again the next day can actually turn out to be more beneficial than staying up late and punishing yourself to do the work you felt you were not able to do during the day.

Overall I highly recommend this program. I think it not only helped me improve my lifestyle but Anna sent me resources and materials that helped me change my outlook in other areas of life as well during the program.


A medical doctor breaks through her biggest fear

Every single thing you said was so spot on and so 100% true. I feel like a veil has lifted. I feel like all my emotions have words to describe them now. I’ve been so overwhelmed for so long that it’s just noise. I never thought it could be unpacked like that so eloquently. It’s like I’m transparent and I had no idea anyone could understand.

This was the best money I ever spent in my life

And my safety net, my pillow is IRONICALLY making me more motivated than ever

Isn’t that strange?

What you said about needing meaning was the most accurate thing ever! 


Reining in an impossible compulsion with ease

I joined the Burnout Broccoli 14-day challenge because I noticed that I would scroll on Instagram instead of doing the tasks that I had set out to do for myself. Hours would pass by and I would not have completed anything on my list.

This led me to feel defeated, thus, I would start the lies that I tend to tell myself like, “You’re not good enough.” “Just give up.” “Stop trying to be someone you’re not” and so on. Deep down I know that none of those stories are true, however, it’s always been easier to believe the negative rhetoric instead of believing in the infinite possibilities.

During the 14-day challenge, I achieved a higher awareness of the WHY of my scrolling. It was an avoidance tactic.

With Anna’s assistance, I implemented clear time slots for “fun” scrolling. I was also able to understand that what I thought was part of my personality was in fact a type of coping mechanism *boom* My mind was blown!

I’m ecstatic about the results I achieved in such a short time period! Anna felt like a safe place to share what I was going through. She never judged, laughed, or made me feel ridiculous about my feelings.

If you’re on the fence about trying the challenge, I’m here to tell you to hop in and let Anna take the wheel. You’ll be glad you did!


An innovation consultant is surprised

You really know what you’re doing!

My level of consciousness was high enough before our engagement but you genuinely used your authenticity and skills like NLP to create that safe and trusted environment in order to highlight my strong suit, and to get me focused on what’s important to me.

I’ve been watching this scene for some time now and I used some of these tools and approaches on and off but not as part of connected systems. I love that your program covers so many different facets of productivity.


Influencer who hit the wall at 232K subscribers

[You were] Asking different questions, so I looked at things from a different perspective, helped me to see some things I didn’t see before. And your encouraging me that it is okay, it’s not do or die. Things are not as absolute, as I was thinking. Among other enlightenments about “the wall”. There is no wall, just my own limitations…😉


A fan of biohacking gets challenged

Since joining the broccoli club I learned about proper hydration, nutrition, how our emotions affect our body and it’s habits, how circadian rhythm affect us, breath control and more. Anna taught me to be more responsible with my life and create a routine. It may be boring and arduous but consistency in anything is at the foundation of success. 

I’ve tried therapy for years. Therapists listen well and helped me get through current problems or break ups but Anna goes deeper and includes much much more than traditional therapy. Anna has expert-level listening skills. She picks up on things most people don’t.

Anna and I worked together for 6 months. I will never forget our experience and time spent together. You must be ready to make changes in your life. This program is not for the faint of heart. 


Busy mom of 2 reconnects with her family

During [the digital] detox I experienced a few changes: … I felt lighter, less dependent on my phone and I was able to enjoy my time with my family and others around me with better quality.

Before the detox I felt I had to constantly hold my phone or at least have access to it. After the detox I was able to leave my phone in the car while I was going for a walk or grocery shopping, I felt a lot less attached to it.

I would recommend a detox to anyone! …It really connects you to yourself and disconnects you from useless distractions. I have less anxiety and more time to do the things that I like. 


Tech founder starts to connect the dots

Burnout Broccoli’s Sleep Challenge was really helpful to really identify the impact sleep has on my energy levels. It was also quite illuminating in terms of connecting to some other issues that I need to work on, like media consumption, exercise, and food prep.


Fitness buff erases a traumatic memory

I was feeling afraid and anxious over a situation that had recently happened to me.

Within minutes of our exercise, the feelings I had started to fade away, on the third time we used the tools for this exercise the feelings I was experiencing were almost non existent.


Manufacturing business failure won’t be holding this founder back

I want to give you thanks from the bottom of my heart…   I was super excited after our talk.  My mind felt powerful..  Hopeful…. I realized that I am.. I am going to do something awesome in future. 🌹


Owner of a business incubator finds joy

Just enjoying the moment…I never thought I would be able to get there. Like when you see people that go on mental retreats and come back a totally different person…I was worried that it’s either that or… nothing is possible.

It [The Broccoli Club] made the weeks not just feel more productive, but it also made them feel more whole, a lot more full of life.


AI startup founder clears his head and moves ahead

Anna is a coach who has worked extensively with founders and as part of an accelerator before. I found her ability to see what was on my mind and heart to be uncanny 🙂 She left me with a few things to think on and act on!


Getting organized to seize the energy-tech market opportunity

This is a fantastic piece of time-management advice. It is commendable that you have scientifically supported every point you make. Additionally, thank you for dispelling the myth of grinding, as I have always believed it to be detrimental to a founder’s wellbeing.

Your tips on how to reconcile one’s emotions and combat time-wasters, especially digital distractions, which are my biggest obstacle, are extremely useful. These templates are excellent tools to combat procrastination and help you become a more productive and efficient version of yourself. 


This marketer discovers the secret ingredient in time management

This course opened up my eyes to how I can utilise my time better as Director of my Small Business, the part that completely surprised me is that we need to factor in emotions with how you’re functioning- that’s something I personally forget about when working and need to work with in future. 10/10 recommend to anyone struggling with their time.


This right for you if

  • You’ve started an online business
  • You’ve done self-development training before
  • You’re tired of random lifehacks
  • You feel destined for more but just don’t have the ‘energy’
  • You crave confidence that doesn’t compromise your authenticity
  • You like the wholistic approach

Opt out now if

  • You’re not in a rush to find your motivation
  • You don’t believe in your ability to change yourself
  • You expect a quick result without doing the work
  • You haven’t invested in personal training of any kind before
  • You just want to vent your problems but not work on them

There’s never enough time to look after yourself

Always being busy is a part of the pattern that makes you unproductive. If you don’t have time for yourself then you’re forever stuck playing catchup with your fatigue. The only way out is to MAKE the time right NOW!

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